About Us

Our Inspiration

It's a well-known fact that shopping for little boys' clothing in retail stores can be unsatisfying.  As a grandmother fondly referred to as GIGI by my grandson, I had never gone shopping for little boy clothes before and was surprised by the lack of options available in the retail space.  The assortment is often restricted, the quality could be improved, and many choices are adorned with trucks, dinosaurs, and inappropriate phrases. Don't get me wrong, he loves trucks and dinosaurs, but doesn't have to be on his clothes.  This prompted me to create an alternative.

That's why I established Smarty Pants Co.  Our objective is to offer practical, comfortable, and versatile clothing choices for boys.  Each item is designed to be easily mixed and matched, allowing parents to create a range of outfits using our clothes as a foundation.  We prioritize the softness and durability of our fabrics to guarantee that our clothing can withstand the wear and tear of active children.  Our designs are classic and timeless, focusing on practicality and fashionability.

Accomplishing more with less, we want to provide clothing that can be worn day after day and even handed down to family and friends. We are passionate about our goal and hope that our customers adore our products as much as we do.

Thank you,

Kimberly Allen