About Us

Our Inspiration

 Smarty Pants Co. was founded by Kimberly Allen...affectionately known as Gigi If you ask her grandson. Smarty Pants aims to diversify the market of little boy's apparel. When you go shopping for a little boy's clothes, what do you find? Cars, dinosaurs, and humorous (and sometimes inappropriate) graphic tees. That is about it, right? Your boys deserve better.

Why Smarty Pants?

When our founder, Kim, sat down to formalize a name for her vision, it was a challenge. Like the wonderful Gigi that she is, Kim took inspiration from her grandson. To say it plainly, her kids-and probably yours too-can be little smart alecks. They can say the funniest, most brazen things. 

We specialize in effortless and timeless apparel. Smarty Pants sources quality clothing perfect for the daily demands of little boys. From play dates and holiday shin-digs to recess ruck housing in the mud, Smarty Pants has got you covered. Our favorite motto around here is CLOTHING FOR THE EVERYDAY BOY WHILE THEY GO ABOUT THEIR EVERYDAY ADVENTURES.

Style is not just what you wear; it is how you treat others.